Mission Statement & Values

Quality Living Services Incorporated strives to ensure that seniors gain greater accessibility to the services necessary to lead meaningful dignified lives. Offering a kaleidoscope of programs, Quality Living Services seeks to empower and serve the senior population of metropolitan Atlanta using a self-help program of seniors helping seniors to remain independent and productive community members.


Simply said, quality is the hallmark for every facet of Quality Living Services.


Need and desperation do not justify neglect and bad services. In a capitalistic society where economic, social, and racial segregation flourish, “them that’s got shall get and them that’s not lose.” We strive to ensure that seniors, often marginalized remnant of society, receive the best service possible regardless of socioeconomic or racial status.


We are a stabilizing force in the lives of our participants yet agile to change with their changing needs and progressing times.


It’s all about the seniors. They are our first loyalty in every facet of our operations programming and budgeting. We are here for our participants no matter what. In a season of uncertain changes, seniors need stability. QLS is always here to provide service, support, and love.


We strive to be cutting edge and proactive to the needs of our seniors. We are progressive; always striving to give better service, to be more efficient, and to enlarge our capabilities.


Seniors are empowered by helping one another. Our seniors partner with us and we collaborate with other agencies and government to reach our goals.


Yes, we are and agency that serves seniors, but our work will always be characterized by liveliness and energy that keeps the old young.